Picture: Yannick Wolf
I’m William Sehested Høeg, a danish fiction film director Copenhagen.

I began my time in the film industry when I was hired as a producer assistant at ASA Film where I worked for two years. I learned about the different aspects of filmmaking, from idea to premiere. During that time, I directed my first short, “The Tyrant” at Zentropa Productions. The film won the audience award at the danish Ekko Shortlist Award.

At Zentropa, I continued to direct two shorts, "Balloon" and "When We Meet Again". I also worked as an assistant to the acclaimed Danish film director, Susanne Bier.

I was later hired at Vice Virtue as a director, where I travelled across Europe, directing several commercial videos for Coca Cola's international app WOAH.

I’ve also worked as a Directors Assistant / 2nd Unit Director at DR Drama and at Netflix.

During August 2018 I wrapped a short, "Erics War". The film takes place in Denmark during the occupation in 1943. I used the film in my application for The National Film School of Denmark, where I was accepted in the spring of 2019. I’m currently studying as a Fiction Film Director in the class of 2023.

Have a look around the site and dont hesitate to reach out.
All the best,
William Sehested Høeg

Contact :
Phone: +45 20842289
Mail: Williamshoeg@gmail.com


The Audience Award - When We Meet Again
Best Nordic Film - When We Meet Again

NUFF 2018 - Norway

Best Short - When We Meet Again

Ale Kino International Young Audience Film Festival 2017 - Poland

The Audience Award - The Tyrant

Ekko Shortlist Award 2015 - Denmark


Best Script – When We Meet Again

Ekko Shortlist Award 2018 - Denmark

Shortlistprisen – The Tyrant

Ekko Shortlist Award 2015 - Denmark