When We Meet Again
Director / Writer

Mads has been traveling across Europe for three months with his two childhood friends, Simon and Sara. To celebrate his safe return, Mads' family has organised a welcome home lunch – but the meal is interrupted by a call from Sara's father claiming Sara was raped on the last night of the trip. This throws Mads into the biggest dilemma of his life.


  • Original Title: Når Vi Ses Igen
  • Director: William Sehested Høeg
  • Producers: Andreas Bak & Mads-August Grarup Hertz
  • Writer: William Sehested Høeg
  • Director of photography: Kristian Arbs
  • Editor: Kasper Schultz Simonsen
  • Production design: Camilla Lüders Weile
  • Sound design: Johannes Rose
  • Composer: Kasper August Topp
  • Grader: Anders V. Christensen
  • Production company: Zentropa Productions 2


  • Elisa Munk
  • Roberta Hilarius Reichhardt
  • Henning Valin
  • Trine Appel