The Tyrant
Director / Writer

Christian lives with his girlfriend Julie. She has just started her new job and is invited to the annual christmas party. When she tells Christian, he immediately becomes insanely jealous. He disappears into dark disillusions about Julie and the new job. Soon, he winds up in a situation where only a confirmation of his own made up truth will satisfy him.

Project Details

  • Original Title: Tyran
  • Director: William Sehested Høeg
  • Producers: Andreas Bak & Mads-August Grarup Hertz
  • Writer: William Sehested Høeg
  • Director of photography: Lukas Daugbjerg
  • Editor: Tine Lykke
  • Production design: Susse Marie Riber
  • Sound design: Johannes Rose & Kevin Bavnhøj
  • Composer: David Cueto Alkærsig
  • Grader: Patrick Rene Richter Lauritzen
  • Production company: Zentropa Productions 2


  • Thomas Ernst
  • Emme Sehested Høeg
  • Joakim Ingvarsen
  • Allan Hyde